First International Meeting of Cave Photographers

The first international cave photographers’ meeting was held in Olargues, France, in August 2011. Some of the underground images may be viewed as a slideshow; here are pictures of the photographers, helpers and friends as well as the town of Olargues.

OlarguesThe CampotelThe CampotelThe CampotelThe CampotelSigning up for tripsLeaving OlarguesPreparing for the Sources de la DouchSources de la DouchSources de la DouchSources de la DouchAt the CampotelJudith Calford, Michel Siffre and Elizabeth BunnellChanging areaChanging areaGrotte de l'AscensionGrotte de l'AscensionThe CampotelThe CampotelThe CampotelJean-Marie Chauvet and Michel SiffreThe CampotelThe CampotelThe CampotelThe CampotelMark Shinwell and Dave BunnellThe Campotel and Urs WidmerHeading for CrozesThe walk to CrozesAfter CrozesAfter CrozesCooking musselsCooking musselsThe CampotelThe CampotelFinding PerlesNot finding PerlesNot finding PerlesWaiting at PerlesSleeping waiting at PerlesPerles is here ...Finally, PerlesPerlesCampotelCampotelCampotelDaniel Cailloux and Philippe CrochetOlarguesOlarguesOlarguesOlarguesOlarguesOlarguesOlarguesOlarguesThe organisersFinal showingFinal showingFinal showingFinal showing