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The following notes are, we greatly regret, necessary because of the high number of detected instances of use of images without permission. If you wish to negotiate any use prior to publication, please make contact … there is no need for you to read any further. We are here to help you.

The Wild Places Photography website is owned and maintained by Chris Howes. All the displayed content, including but not limited to photographs and text, is copyright Chris Howes (other than layout of published material displayed on this site, which is copyright the publisher and/or Chris Howes). All rights of reproduction are reserved and no use of any material for any purpose is permitted unless granted in writing. All moral rights are exerted.

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All images on this website may be licensed for publication on paper or online. Fees are negotiable according to specifics such as the intended use (for example, a book cover, an internal page, a home page online or thumbnail on a linked page), the length of time required for the licence, the territory if publication is not world-wide, and whether the image is credited (including whether the metadata is retained intact). If ‘share’ links to social media online are intended to be used, this will also affect the licensing.

The base price for negotiation is £150 (+VAT at the UK prevailing rate) per image when used with a credit to Chris Howes: the right to a credit is asserted In accordance with the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act 1998, and every image reproduction must be adequately credited. Negotiated prices may be significantly higher or lower than this, depending on the rights required; uncredited use will attract a higher fee than when a credit is given. Please note that the price above will only be used in certain circumstances and is a base only; many unauthorised uses may rate a higher settlement. Guidance for charges, taking into account the pixel size online and the time it has been in use, will be taken from the prevailing NUJ rates for online use.

Please also note that the following factors will be considered and applied to any settlement if the copyright of any image owned by Chris Howes is infringed, whether sourced from this website or elsewhere online or in print. For infringing use the base price will be taken as a minimum per year or any part thereof, according to specific use (and may therefore be higher), plus a 100% uplift if the image is not credited to Chris Howes. A charge of between 100% and 300% depending on the degree of flagrancy of the infringement will be added to cover the infringement itself, considering the additional time involved and following an EU directive that such settlements should be ‘dissuasive’. If legal or other costs are incurred in the course of the recovery these will be added to the total. UK VAT will be applied if applicable.

Consideration will also be given to the following factors when concerning infringements: exceeding agreed license terms, stripping metadata, removing embedded credits whether in metadata or cropping watermarks, using a ‘social media’ (or similar) link or button (which encourages onward infringements) such as for but not limited to Facebook or Pinterest. Derogatory treatment of an image includes but is not limited to alteration to the image in a non-agreed manner and will also add to costs.

We may use the services of an agent to recover fees from both individuals and companies, currently (but not necessarily limited to) Pixsy, which is based in the USA and has been successful in its recoveries both there and in the UK. Please note that once an infringement has been identified and the case has been taken by Pixsy, any emails received that relate to the incident will not be replied to but will be forwarded to Pixsy for consideration. Click the logo for more information. If in doubt about copyright of images placed online, please take a look at an article in The Guardian newspaper.

Protected By Pixsy

In short, please respect copyright on this site as well as elsewhere: we do not wish to chase infringements but the scale of the activity represents a real problem. It is not a nameless, harmless activity to treat all online content as free and, to help understand this factor, please note that although images on this website are marked with a copyright symbol, this is not a requirement in law and the copyright of all images found online is owned by someone.

We greatly regret the necessity of stating these terms, which essentially request the courtesy of asking for and agreeing a use before publication, whether on a website, using a stock image, or from among the thousands of licensed images by Chris Howes that may be found online, both legally and illegally. Having said that, for those users who have the courtesy of contacting us, we will do everything possible to come to an agreement over use of images with mutually agreeable license terms. Please make contact and we can take it from there, to both our benefits.


Chris Howes asserts his right to be identified as the author of his photographs under the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. All rights are reserved and all moral rights asserted. For the avoidance of doubt, to satisfy the requirements of the US copyright office, these images are made available for public display and are unpublished; the viewer is not granted permission to publish, sell, rent, reproduce, duplicate or redistribute any material on this site without prior consent. In all instances where consent is granted, you must credit Chris Howes for each image published or otherwise used, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

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