Use the search field (below this text) to find images on this website using keywords, such as the name of the cave, or see the complete list of contents forming the sitemap at the bottom of the page.

Publishers requesting use of an image should quote the filename for a reference. Depending on the slideshow and your monitor display, there are two ways to do this. When a page first appears, hovering over an image will show the path and filename at the end, usually at the bottom left of the screen. The final part of that is the filename (ending in .jpg), which is the part to quote (in this case, AT03191dc_Sakwa).

Finding the filename
Finding the filename for a photograph reference (hover over photo)

When any image is clicked, it opens up a full screen slideshow. For this second method, clicking the ‘i’ symbol will open a caption, again with the filename. At the top left of the screen a number in the form of 6/50 will show that you are viewing image 6 of a total of 50. Quoting this plus which slideshow is viewed also references the image, but it is not infallible because if another image is added the number will change (and it also forces expending time tracking down the filename). Please quote the filename for any request for an image file supply.

Using the 'i'
Using the ‘i’ feature to find a filename (click the ‘i’)

Thank you for reading this note … but if in difficulty, make contact and we’ll help all we can.

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